141+ Unique Bunny Names [Unusual Ideas]

The decision to name your bunny can be difficult, but there are some unique ideas that might help you out.

When deciding what to call your bunny, can be tough. You don’t want something too generic or common because then the name will just get lost among all of these other bunnies in existence.

Some unique names may help you stand out from others and make life easier when looking for things with that certain personality trait.

Unique Bunny Names

Choosing a name for your bunny can be tough, but if you think about the types of bunnies in this world and what characteristics they all share there are some unique ideas. For example:

  • Monday
  • Monarch
  • Darya
  • Petunia
  • Dahlia
  • Jessica
  • Alphaba
  • Rosebud
  • Emerald
  • June Bug
  • Timber
  • Natasha
  • Julia Rabbits
  • Cony Bunny
  • Hazel
  • Bong Captain
  • Marshmallow
  • Carolina
  • Butterguard
  • Monarch
  • Stirling
  • Powling

Unusual Bunny Names

While it may be tricky, picking a name for your bunny is worth your time. Names that add personality to your rabbit and set it apart from other rabbits in the class.

  • Maggie – A name that is as beautiful on the outside as it sounds, with Latin roots meaning “to be precious.”
  • Lilly – The Lilly flower is often used to symbolize the concept of purity and innocence, which are both qualities that one might associate with a child.
  • Griffin – Wisdom is embodied by Griffin. The name derives from a medieval Latinized form of Gruffudd’s personal name in both Welsh and English.
  • Kenji – Kenji is a Japanese name that means intelligent, energetic and strong.
  • Willow – The willow is a hardwood that can grow up to 30 feet in height. It has medium brown bark on the trunk and branches.It is best name for lionhead or exotic rabbits.
  • Binky – Rabbits are known for their happy personalities, and if you have one that’s content then it will dance with happiness. That is what we call “binkying”.
  • Miller – The name Miller has English origins. It means one who grinds grain, which is appropriate for someone that ground wheat into flour.
  • Gala – Gala is derived from the English word gala, meaning “festive party” or joyous celebration.
  • Yola – Yola is a word with ancient origins and means “Violet flower”. From the Greek, yóllos – meaning violet.

Eden – The name, “Eden” is a beautiful reminder that nature can bring us great joy.

Naming a bunny is so much more creative than naming a baby. There is a childlike whimsy that comes with it, and it makes for an unforgettable experience as you search for names together.

Unusual Bunny Names

Unique Bunny Names from Media

Naming a bunny is so much fun, you’ll never want to stop at the baby name section.

  • Alice – Alice’s Farm: a Rabbit’s Tale is an adventure story about Alice, her rabbit Poppy, and their friends.
  • Bigwig – One of the most famous rabbits in all of England, Watership Down is a book that has been read by many people around the world.
  • Cottontail – Cottontail is a furry little creature found in the country. They have big eyes and soft fur that looks just like rabbits from The Country Bunny, which you can find at your local library.
  • Fiver – Fiver rabbit from Watership down stays dry no matter what.
  • Harvey – Harvey rabbit is from Harvey, Ohio and it’s well known to be the fasted land animal in recorded history. They can run at speeds up to 44 miles per hour.
  • Hester – Hester is a character from His Dark Materials, who was loved by all readers.
  • Max – Max is a curious rabbit. He likes to investigate things with his nose, and then run away from them as fast as possible.
  • Miffy – Miffy is a rabbit from Finland. Her name means “mild” in Dutch, but she’s anything but! Miffy is known for being a mischievous little rabbit.

Pick your favorite name from the above list or put your suggestions ideas in the below comments.

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