Top 27 Ostrich Quotes for Fun

Ostriches are said to be the largest flightless bird in the world. These giant birds are fast runners and can outrun most other birds and animals. Ostriches are raised for eggs production. There are a few quotations about ostriches but all of them are filled with humor and fun.

Here we picked the top quotes

Top 10 Ostrich Quotes

These 10 top quotes are sayings of ostriches. We arranged them based on the most popular quotes about these birds.

  1. ”America cannot be an ostrich with its head in the sand” Woodrow Wilson

2. ”Any fool can turn a blind eye but who knows what the ostrich sees in the sand.” Samuel Beckett

3. ”In the land of the ostriches, the blind is king. When politicians bury their heads in the sand, ignorance rules the country.” Erik Pevernagie

4. ”You know what it’s like, finding eight middle-aged guys having tantric sex with ostriches?” Warren Ellis

5. ”A writer may tell me that he thinks man will ultimately become an ostrich. I cannot properly contradict him.” Thomas Malthus

6. ”If you stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, pretending you don’t exist – why get upset when the world agrees with you?.” Christina Engela

7. ”Like the ostrich, head underwing when the roaring storm breaks, So many people take refuge under the soft pillow specious arguments.” Gorgeous roult

8. ”It’s when you bury your head in the sand that you leave your brain exposed.” Anthony T. Hincks

9. ”Ostrich is very lean meat. Bison is very lean meat. Chicken is very lean meat. Notice something about my favorite meats?.” Arlo Guthrie

10. ”I do not wear my emotions on my sleeve. I was once described by my own son Stephen as an emotional ostrich.” Pierre Slinger

Funny Ostrich Quotes

  • ”I must seem like an ostrich who forever buries its head in the relativistic sands in order not to face the evil quanta.” Albert Einstien
  • ”Madness is the WHO staring into the abyss and denying it is there. Madness is an ostrich who sticks her head in the sand while a pack of hyenas closes around her.” Dan Brown
  • ”I break all the rules and wear everything. Ruffles, ostrich feathers, fox coats. You look fat in fox anyway, so if you start fat, you only look a little fatter.” Totie Fields
  • ”OSTRICH, n. A large bird to which (for its sins, doubtless) nature has denied that hinder toe . . . . The absence of a good working pair of wings is no defect, for, as has been ingeniously pointed out, the ostrich does not fly.” Ambrose
  • ”Home Alone was a lot and a lot and a lot of standing and sitting and walking and running and it was physically demanding but in this, I’m doing backflips and riding ostriches. It’s physically demanding in a new way, so it’s fun.” Alex d
  • ”Gentlemen, as sure as I’m sitting here now, the result of the continuation of a non-system, the ostrich-like head-in-the-sand attitude, the constant rejection of any efforts to solve this problem, will produce an Armageddon in the American population in those states where there is a big problem.” Dianne Feinstein
  • ”We, women, continue to swallow this line that it’s unladylike or even proof of being a lesbian if you wear flat shoes like Doc Martens. I’m prepared to put up with that accusation because at least my feet aren’t killing me and I don’t look like a bandy ostrich.” Jo brand
  • ”We have learned that we cannot live alone, at peace; that our own well-being is dependent on the well-being of other nations far away. We have learned that we must live as men, not as ostriches, nor as dogs in the manger.” Franklin D

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