How Much Does A Giraffe Cost?

A lot of animal species are out there, but all of them have some interesting feature that captures the eye of the viewer. 

Similarly, the giraffe is one of the most beautiful and well-known animals, by its long neck. It is considered the tallest animal in the world.

Besides the most heightened animal, its unique feeding habits and the evolution in the phenotype of the giraffe pulls it over the top position among the interesting animal lists.

Its attractive phenotypic appearance with a background color of dark yellowish-brown along with the irregular black to yellow patches urges the viewer’s attention towards it.

Many people build their interest in buying this animal but they have no knowledge about its legal keeping and cost. I have seen many people asking in the queries section how much a giraffe costs. That thing forces me to build a guide on how much it cost to adopt a giraffe.

Let’s start…

Introduction to giraffe

Giraffe belongs to the phylum Chordata, class Mammalia and order Artiodactyla. Giraffe and okapi, both of them comprise only two species that are living from the Giraffidae family.

They live in all types of natural environments like grasslands, savannas, and woodlands. 

How much does a giraffe cost? 

Here comes the real query and it ends up that a giraffe costs about 25,000$. The pricing of the giraffe varies in various countries due to pet keeping rules and tax ratios. But as a whole, it costs much in all countries. 

Each country has its rules on the giraffe and other animal keeping but in the case of keeping a giraffe privately, in the US is supposed to be illegal. But some states, like Texas, do allow the legal keeping of giraffe privately.

History on the pricing of giraffe

Mowing back to the 1930s, it is observed that the prices of giraffes were high too at that time. A giraffe costs so much that only a rhino and hippo costs more than a giraffe. 

Then history moves to 1937 when a giraffe “unaccustomed to the European climate” cost about 120,000 crowns. Another giraffe “raised in Europe” cost about 220,000 crowns at that time.

During these times, an elephant cost just 60,000 crowns. You can easily compare the pricing of giraffes and elephants at that time. It clearly shows that giraffe prices are high since our ancestors.

Note A pint of beer cost one crown, fifty hellers at that time.


Why doesn’t everyone afford a giraffe?

Yes, not everyone can afford to keep a private giraffe. It costs so much to feed giraffes that most people can even afford to feed and house a giraffe for a single day. 

These are some reasons that put the giraffe in the high-cost category:

  • Giraffe are social creatures so you will need to find more than one giraffe
  • To keep a giraffe privately, it will costs to get a permit
  • The other engagement costs come across in the form of housing costs like a massive building with heightened walls.
  • The male giraffe is the primary choice of keepers due to their more common behavior, but males often fight each other so it costs to fix them
  • Feeding cost is the major factor to decide whether to keep a giraffe or not. A single animal eats a lot of haya and branches of leaves in a single day

Such things make it an expensive animal to keep privately.

Information about giraffe habits and impacts on the cost to keep one

Classification of Giraffe

Giraffe is divided into a number of subspecies as:

  • Kilimanjaro giraffe

Also known as Masai giraffe and possesses a yellowish background color with dark chocolate and vine leaf-shaped spots. These species are commonly found in Tanzania and the Southern parts of Kenya.

  • Rhodesian giraffe

Also known as Thornicroft giraffe and are commonly observed in the eastern parts of Zambia.

  • Kordofan giraffe

These species are found in the southwestern and western areas of Sudan and the republic of Cameron.

Feeding habits

Giraffes use their long necks to reach the food. It easily approaches the top edge leaves on the tall trees with the assistance of its long neck. 

The other major assisting quality is the 10 percent longer forelegs as compared to the hind legs. 

It needs a very little amount of sleep in a day and commonly observed to be ten minutes to two hours. The average sleeping time is 1.9 hours a day. 

Giraffes have a bit longer gestation period ranging from 400 to 460 days.

Anatomy of giraffe

In terms of height, the male giraffe has a bit larger height of 18 feet or 5.5 meters as compared to the 15 feet or 4.5 meters of female giraffe. 

Similarly, the male body weight has a little more than females. A male giraffe can have as much as 4300 pounds while a female can have 2600 pounds. 

But a unique thing that differs in every giraffe is the unique coat pattern. This coat pattern is completely unique and can never match any other species or animal.

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How much does it cost to feed a giraffe per day?

It costs about 5$ per person. The family bundle costs about 11$. But keeping more than one costs much higher to buy.

How much does it cost to feed a giraffe?

It costs about an average of 3,000$ per year to feed each giraffe.

How much does a giraffe cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, a giraffe costs about 11,000 to 14,000 Rands or tens of thousands of crowns. These prices can vary by trading in between the places.  

How long does a giraffe live?

A giraffe lives about 20 to 25 years. 

Can you buy a giraffe legally?

Yes, you can buy a giraffe legally. But you have to clear the legal keeping from your town or state authorities. Most of the US states do not allow to keep giraffes privately but Texas allows. You can buy a giraffe from any animal breeder or zoo. 

Can you legally own a giraffe?

Yes, you can legally own a giraffe in many states of the U.S. But there is a partial ban on keeping exotic animals in some states like (Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Minnesota, Florida, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Lousiana). Besides these states, you can legally own a giraffe in all other states.

How do giraffes die?

In the dry savanna plains of the Sahara, most of the giraffe die by lightning. The high amps of the energy cause the death of giraffes by singeing fur and causing the heart to beat to death.

Can giraffes climb trees?

No, the giraffe cannot climb trees. They have natural long necks to reach the top leaves on tall trees. They arch their necks to force the air through their windpipes that create low-frequency sounds. 

Can giraffes swim?

No, the giraffe can not swim in the water. Its body shape like a long neck and long legs would not support its neck in water. Giraffes are known as the only mammal that cannot swim.

How many hearts does a giraffe have?

Giraffes have one heart. It weighs about 24 pounds and has a 2 feet length. This muscular heart pumps about 16 gallons of blood in a minute.

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