How Many Cows are Killed Each Day?

How many cows are killed each day? Every day thousands of cows are killed for food and to meet the requirements of beef consumption.

The increased demand for meat and dairy products has led to intensively-raised animal agriculture or factory farming.

Over 10 billion land animals are killed in the US alone which equates to more than one million an hour.

The high demand for meat is met through concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO). Aggregated meat consumption is responsible for the smaller or mixed farming systems.

Cows and other meat-providing animals spend most of their lives in confinement and are raised in a certain way to boost growth.

Cows are repeatedly impregnated to expand the herd and increase milk production.

How Many Cows Are Killed Every Day?

Every day, billions of animals are slaughtered to feed the human appetite for animal flesh. Like other meat types, beef has also enjoyed a surge in popularity during recent times.

In the last 5 years, the population of the planet has doubled, and ultimately meat consumption has tripled.

Similarly, the number of cows slaughtered has also increased by several percent in the last few years.

As per the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), close to 324,518,029 cattle are slaughtered each year for beef consumption.

When dividing this figure by the number of years, it equates to roughly 890,000 cattle that are slaughtered every day.

The demand for beef is growing worldwide and especially in middle-income countries, so, the number may cross 1 million cows a day soon.

About 60% of the cows slaughtered are used for food whereas 40% is used to feed pets or in the manufacturing of animal products like glue, lubricants, insulin for diabetics, healthcare drugs, leather, suede, etc.

There is a high demand for animal products in the fashion industry, so, it has also increased the killing of certain animals.

In general, steers (male cows) are usually butchered for meat than heifers (female cows). Cows and Heifers are raised and kept for reproduction and dairy.

Bulls or steers who are only useful during the breeding period are slaughtered for food. Only the best and productive steers are kept for reproduction.

One other reason for butchering steers is that they provide more meat for the same quantity of feed as bulls.

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How Many Cows Are Killed Each Day in the US?

Americans love meat and many reports testify to it.

On average, a meat-eating American eats about 7000 animals in a lifetime which equals 11 cows, 27 pigs, 2,400 chickens, 80 turkeys, 30 sheep, and 4,500 fish.

As per the US Animal Kill Clock, about 36,163,973 are slaughtered annually for food which equates to roughly 99000 cows a day.

Cows may not grab the top spot in the daily or annual animal slaughter statistics owing to their large size.

A cow can provide 400 lbs to 500 lbs of beef, however, it varies depending on the animal weight and size.

Since one cow gives a huge amount of meat, therefore, the number of slaughtered cows is less than many other animals.

Countries Slaughtering More Cows For Meat

Owing to the large population or high meat demand, either way, some countries slaughter more animals than others.

The number of animals slaughtered has seen a downward trend in Europe but the meat demand is at an all-time high in Africa, America, and Asia.

Beef is a popular meat option in many countries like China, Brazil, the USA, and others. Here’s how many cows are killed each day in different countries.

China – China is often a step ahead in the killing of more animals than other countries. The large population and the people’s love for meat are to be blamed for increased animal slaughter. China slaughters more than 50 million cattle a year which equates to over 135000 cows each day.

Brazil – The slaughter of heifers and steers has increased in the last few years. The number of bovines killed in Brazil is nearly 32.4 million annually or about 88000 cows a day.

USA – Over 36 million cattle are slaughtered each year for food and other animal products. So, the count of daily slaughter is close to 99000.

Wrapping Up

Millions of cows suffer and are slaughtered in the meat industries to meet the beef requirements of the world. Calves upon reaching a certain age are sent to the massive outdoor feedlots where they are fattened and ultimately slaughtered.

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