How Many Chickens Are Killed Each Day?

More than millions of animals and birds are killed each day for human consumption and other purposes. Cattle, pigs, goats, and chicken farming is a profitable business these days as farmers sell meat, milk, and eggs for money. Millions of animals and birds are taken to the slaughterhouse to get killed and served on the platter.

The same goes for chickens, they spend days in miserable conditions on the farm, live in congested spaces, are not fed a proper diet, and share the same fate as other fellow chickens.

They get killed to meet the market demand for meat. Farmers hid behind deceptive labels like “cage-free” and “humane meat” to get higher certificates and awards but still, chickens are suffering on their farms.

The increased demand is also to be blamed for a large number of killings. More and more people are choosing to be vegetarian to save animals, still, the majority of people love to feast on meat.

People’s love for chicken meat has made farmers go to great lengths to increase growth and production.

Wondering how many chickens are killed each day worldwide? Here’s the answer

How Many Chickens Are Killed Each Day?

Well, the number is in the millions. Chicken is the most-demanded meat and a plentiful food source for any domestic animal.

The number of chickens raised for slaughter is more than all other types of livestock combined. Chicken meat’s popularity has reached new heights in recent decades.

In the last 50-60 years, more and more people are joining the poultry farming business because of the profits.

It is estimated that more than 65 billion chickens are farmed for meat worldwide each year. All of these are meant to be slaughtered to meet commercial demand.

As per the aforementioned number, the total number of chickens killed each day worldwide is calculated to be about 178 million.

The given figure does not include male chickens and unproductive hens killed in eggs production.

There are about over 300 million male chicks and unproductive hens discarded by the US industry as a male chicken can not lay eggs. People eat male chickens but consumption is limited because some rooster breeds are for fights and other games.

Poultry farming has evolved over the year. It is not the same as it was 60 years ago. Seeing the demand, many countries have increased chicken production from millions to billions.

Modern chickens grow at a fast pace and have plumper bodies with increased muscle weight. It is done so to keep up with the demand.

Poultry farming has witnessed a boost because of the many fast-food restaurants as well.

Popular Fast food restaurants like KFC and McDonald’s are guilty of killing hundreds of millions of chickens every year.

How Many Chickens Are Killed Every Day in the United States?

In less than 60 years, the number of broiler chickens raised and farmed has increased drastically. There is about a 1400% increase in the population.

According to research, In the 1950s, about 580 million chickens were raised yearly which has now skyrocketed to nearly 9 billion today.

In the US alone, about 9 billion chickens are hatched each year to be slaughtered for human consumption.

All broilers farmed become meat one day, minus the ones who die naturally and do not live to see the slaughterhouse.

On average, there are roughly 25 million chickens are killed each day in the United States.

According to Research data, America has one of the prolific poultry farming industries and is counted as one of the big chicken producers and consumers in the world. Chickens combined with Turkeys represent 99% of the animal slaughtered for meat in the USA when counting the individual slaughtered.

Countries That Kill The Most Chickens

The top ten chicken slaughtering countries have a large population to feed. In these countries, poultry farming has flourished well to become one of the most profitable businesses.

Chickens are the most populous farm birds on the planet. In North America, a large number of chickens have been killed in the slaughterhouse more than livestock or any other animals. Over 65 billion chickens are killed for meat globally.

The top ten countries that contributed the most to killing chickens each year have evidently a large population.

These countries include China (10.1 billion), United States (9.2 billion), Brazil (6.3 billion), Indonesia (3 billion), Russia (2.6 billion), India (2.6 billion), Iran (1.9 billion), Mexico (1.8 billion), Myanmar (1.3 billion), and Thailand (1.3 billion).

Chicken is used in different dishes and bought by home and restaurant owners. One of the reasons for its high demand is the low cost.

It is less expensive than mutton, beef, or camel meat. Even people with low income can feast on broiler meat two or three times a week.

So, it is understandable that countries with huge populations would require more chicken meat for consumption.


Calculating The Number Of Chickens Killed Per Day According to the Weight

There is more than one way to calculate the number of chickens slaughtered each day for human consumption.

The world is populated with about 7 billion people and on average, a person eats about 14.5 kg per year.

This equates the annual chicken meat consumption to about 276 million kg per day. This is how much meat is required to fulfill the demand.

A chicken roughly weighs about 2.2 kg. On the basis of the above figures, it equals 122 million chickens.

This may not give you an accurate number but you will get a rough estimate as to how many chickens are being killed each day to meet the market needs.

Poultry Farm Capacity

A poultry farm can raise 500,000 chickens to meet the ever-increasing demand. Factory farming is predominantly meeting the demand for chicken meat today.

About 51.4 billion chickens are artificially hatched, fattened up to be killed for meat when they are only 4-6 weeks old.

These chickens are pushed to grow at an abnormal rate and sold when they are just 35 to 42 days old babies. On average, chickens can live up to 10-15 years.

Factory farmed chickens are bred for meat and genetically manipulated to grow 65 times higher than the normal rate. Due to genetic manipulation, about 4.7% of chickens are susceptible to suffering heart attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Chickens Are Killed Each Year For Consumption?

Billions of animals are slaughtered each day, as far as chickens are concerned, about 65 million chickens are raised on farms for slaughtering excluding male chicks and unproductive hens.

This number is greater than the population of livestock and particularly pigs farmed for meat.

How Many Chickens Are Killed Each second?

On average, 65 billion chickens are raised for consumption, so, making the population of chickens slaughtered daily to be about 178 million. Considering these numbers, around 1800 to 2000 chickens are being slaughtered each second.

How Many Chickens Are Killed Each Year in Australia?

Australia is one of the biggest producers and consumers of chicken meat. Being a popular meat option in the country, the country produces about 664 million chickens for consumption.

Out of the 664 million chickens, about 4% die of natural causes or get killed before slaughtering, this number equates to 27,670,000 chickens per year.

How Many Chickens Does McDonald’s Kill a Year?

McDonald’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain responsible for killing billions of chickens each year. In the UK alone, the company slaughters and serves about 30 million chickens to its customers.

How Many Chickens Does KFC Kill a Year?

KFC is another fast-food restaurant chain serving many chicken dishes to its customers. It is responsible for the killing of about 750 million chickens each year.


Seeing the statistics, it seems like chicken meat production will likely increase more in the upcoming years. Most factory-farmed chickens go through the cruel slaughtering process to make their way to the table.


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