51+ Exotic Rabbit Names [Awesome Ideas]

Exotic names can be words from a foreign language or culture. It can also come to life as it is inspired by the heroes you grow up reading about in your favorite books, movies, and TV shows.

Names associated with people from other countries cannot necessarily be regarded as branding, but they can be. It’s up to the owner of that rabbit what they want them named and if you are naming yours after someone else then just make sure you know how much attention will come with their name!

Many people find rabbits to be adorable pets. What better way to show your love for this humble animal than by naming it? In honor of their importance in the lives of many, we rounded up some great exotic names that will help you tell everyone just how much they mean.

Famous Exotic Rabbit Names

Here are some exotic names for rabbits.

  • Archer
  • Ammo
  • Akello
  • Suvano
  • Aristole
  • Amber
  • Balba
  • Bandit
  • Basil
  • Barka
  • Brahma
  • Brusky
  • Brutus
  • Linus
  • Matai
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Broma
  • Croatia
  • Dogon
  • Captain
  • Fluffy
  • Liongiant

Male Exotic Rabbit Names

Those looking for a unique and exotic name for their bunny can check out some of our favorites below. Some names have meanings that provide insight into the personalities of these animals while others simply make your pet seem more refined–whatever you’re going for.

Alam – Alam has a strong connection with his heritage, especially since he is named after the jaguar. His name means “jaguar” in Mayan and it symbolizes him as being powerful and brave like this animal.

Aldis – Aldis is a name that can be traced back to the Old English culture and translates as “old friend.”Aldis has an old-worldly feel but also speaks of friendship with those who have been by your side for many years.

Atlas – Atlas is the name of a Titan from Greek mythology who was condemned to shoulder the weight and hold up the heavens for eternity.

Dante – Dante is a name that derives from the Latin word for “endurer.” It means someone who can endure hardship and has a strength of character

Eldon – Eldon is a name that might have come from the Old English word for “old home”. It’s likely someone with this last name was born and raised on an old farm.

Hamlin – Hamlin is a German name that means “love your house.” This word originates from the Old Saxon language and it literally translates to mean “house, home”.


Female Exotic Rabbit Names

Female rabbits are adorable and intriguing animals. They could be named after flowers like roses, or given a unique name that sounds similar to their personality such as “Bunny”.

Aysel – It is a Turkish name meaning “moonlight” – is the perfect choice for those who want to live life with beauty and innocence.

Keiko – Keiko, which means “blessing” in Japanese. This beautiful and feminine name is pronounced “Kay-Koh” with the stress on the second syllable of Kei-.

Madeline – Madeline is a French name meaning “from the tower.” It’s derived from Latin words that mean both “tower” and “the best.” As such, it may be considered as either an English or French word. This uncommon feminine moniker has long been popular in France because of its strong ties to nobility.

Rama – Rama is the Hebrew name meaning “exalted.” It was originally a male given name but in modern times it has been primarily used as a female first name,

Sarita – Sarita is a name that means “river.” As rivers flow from the mountains to the sea, so too does Sarita’s life.

Siona – This Hebrew name means “at the height of something” and stands for a loving, confident woman.

Rabbits are usually timid creatures, but if you know what motivates them to do something and keep doing it over time with kindness then they can become more trusting.

For example, when training a rabbit to come up close for petting at the sound of their name or whistle-command one should use repetition so that the kind action is attractive enough for them to want to continue coming near each day until eventually, they will be comfortable on your lap as opposed only being able to find peace in running away.

There are many other options like Lionhead rabbit names and giant rabbits are good options.

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