Do Pigs Enjoy Music?

Last weekend, my best friend invited me to spend a Sunday with him and his pet pig I adore the most. To recall the childhood memories we sang, ate, laughed, and danced together. While living in these moments, I found the pet pig charlie reacting to every song differently. 

I could sense that like humans, pigs do have a music appreciation. But why wasn’t he reacting to the songs in the same way? As this question came to mind, I tried changing songs to see his reaction.

As I’m the kind of person who digs deep into things to get satisfactory answers, I started searching to flush out my doubts. So here I’m presenting the summary of the week’s research. Let’s start with the first question that came into my mind as I noticed the pig charlie moving on the sound of music.

Do Pigs Like Music?

Of course, they do. Some pigs are as addicted to music. Music is just as refreshing to the pigs as it is to humans. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they do appreciate the artist’s work.

Why should you let your pigs listen to music? Is it necessary to relax?

It’s relaxing to humans and animals we all know. But if something, with relaxing the mind and soul, helps in growing better then it shouldn’t be a big no-no! It does assist in relaxing the overstressed animal.

It helps in meal digestion

Soft classical music and soft jazz music stimulates relaxation. The digestive system stays healthy and functions best when it is relaxed. So, playing relaxing soft music helps in better digestion. It is also noted that when pigs eat apples, oranges, or their favourite treat they enjoy with food.

What a famous pig pet parent says about it?

A famous pig pet parent claims that music helps them in growing better. He experimented with it on a group of pigs. The pigs that grew up listening to music were healthier, fertile, and more active than the pigs that lived a boring life. He released a playlist later which is a mix of rap and soft music. 

What kind of music do pigs like?

According to Peta Pigs are fond of all sorts of music. They prefer soft music after having a meal, American rap when they are playing around, and strong music during procreation. Even pigs do not come on the list of animals that get scared by jazz and loud music but they prefer classical music as it keeps them spellbound for hours.

Music helps in developing strong flavor in the pig’s meat 

No one knows how it works but it came to notice that music helps in developing better flavor in the pig’s meat. 

Not only pigs but almost all animals are also fond of music

Let alone pigs, almost all animals are fond of music. Cows, dogs, and other pets grew up listening to radio and music. As music soothes their souls and brings them into a playful mood.

How to Add Music to the Pig’s Life?

Animals like pigs, cows, and dogs are a little sensitive. If you want to add music to pigs life it is suggested to start with the radio and soft music. Rap music can later be added when the soft melody starts soothing the aggressive animal.

But be careful with the music!

Caution! Excessive exposure to music is harmful

Dedicating a few hours to music would improve their mood, digestion, and growth rate but excessive music playing can also be harmful as the pet pigs may get tired of that or it starts irritating the poor animal and it would never be able to speak about it.

Alarming music should also be avoided

Animals get scared easily and sometimes it gets hard to sense what’s wrong. So, alarming music should be avoided as it would rather put the poor animal in a more stressed out situation.

In the end, I would love to share my friend’s view. He has started sharing his taste in music with his pig Charlie for a few months. He has noticed a calm behaviour and improved growth rate since that day.

do pigs like music

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pigs enjoy music as much as we humans do?

Pigs do enjoy music but not as much as we humans do. As they can only hear the enchanting melodies playing in the background but are unable to understand the meaning. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they enjoy music but not as much as we humans do.

What kind of music should I play for my pet pig?

Pigs like all sorts of music except the alarming and loud ones. Soft classical music is their favorite so you can play whatever you want but keep it in your mind that it should not alarm or scare the animal.

Why should I play music for pigs?

You should start playing music(if you haven’t already) because it helps in improving mood, health, and meat flavor.

How often should one play music for the pigs?

Music should be played daily but not more than two to three hours a day.



The answer to the question, ” do pigs enjoy music?” yes, they do enjoy music but not as much as humans. The music, not just assists in calming the soul but also works for improving health, digestion, and mood. Pigs can listen to all sorts of music but alarming music should be avoided. Overexposure to music can also be harmful so keep the music-playing ritual limited to a few hours only.

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