Do Chickens Attract Rats? 3 Ways to Prevent

Whenever we get to see a rat finding a secret place to reside in, we begin expecting an army of rats ruling the house in a few months. It’s because rats reproduce and multiply in numbers quickly. 

They are just super hard to get rid of as well. Though humans have invented a million ways to deal with the issues yet it remains tiring and super annoying.

In a rat-friendly environment, even calling in the birds, hiring a pest management company, setting traps, and using dry ice, poison, and baits would not help you in facing the same issue again and again.

With time it gets more annoying and deadly, So it’s always better to nip the evil in the bud.

Ladies or caretakers of the house “really” think of having rats in the house as a big issue. Frankly, having rats in the house is not the deadliest issue, it’s still easy to deal with.

Having rats roaming around your chickens, eating from their feeder and considering your backyard their home is a worse situation to be in.

Not letting the rats contaminate the chicken feed and spreading diseases would also be the hardest job you have ever performed.

It is said that to find a cure, you need to know the issue first. Right? If this is your issue, knowing what attracts the rats would surely help you find a solution.

As there are chickens there are rats, it is said that chickens attract rats. How chickens attract rats is still unclear to most of us. So we have gathered to find the truth about this widely believed statement.

Do chickens Really Attract Rats?

No, not really. Neither chickens attract rats nor rats attract chickens. Or saying neither chickens are attracted to rats nor rats are attracted to chickens would be more appropriate.

They do not bother each other at all. So, chickens attracting rats is just a myth and we need to stop believing it.

If chickens do not attract rats, why are there rats where there are chickens?

It’s undoubtedly true that chickens do not attract rats, it’s also not wrong that where there are chickens there are rats.

So, there must be some other reason. Well, the reasons are the “chicken feed and the freshly laid eggs”. The rats are attracted to chicken feed and freshly laid eggs.

What do rats have to do with the chicken feed and the freshly laid eggs?

As the mystery has been revealed to you, the rats are attracted to chicken feed and eggs, not chicken. The question arises, what do rats have to do with chicken feed and eggs anyway? 

The rats are opportunistic eaters, they eat whatever they find on their way. Surprisingly, they can even smell food from several meters away.

They smell chicken feed from several meters and come to eat and defecate it. They are fond of eating freshly laid eggs and killing young birds. 

So, it’s the need for food and fresh water that brought rats to the chickens coops

Rats are probably the only creature that gets treated so badly. We keep food and water for birds, animals, and even some rodents but never leave anything for rats.

They, unfortunately, have to survive on the leftovers or have to steal food. So, the need for fresh food and water brought rats to the chicken coop.

A healthy adult chicken can attack and kill a rat but for food and fresh water, they do not mind putting their life at stake.

We can say that rats come to the chicken coops for several reasons; like finding a secure home, food, and water. Who would miss a chance of having fresh food and water, no one? A rodent who is always on run for food would never miss it.

The mystery might have been revealed that the rats are not attracted to chicken, they rather come for food and water. There is still a lot for you to know, Here’s what needs to be communicated;

Rats come to chicken coop because they love stealing

Food and fresh water are the main reason why they raid the chicken coop quite often. Rats love chicken feed and freshly laid eggs, they love to steal as well. So, they come to the chicken coop to steal. 

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Warm, nice, cosy place chicken coop also attracts the rats

Chickens are hardy yet we do not stop spoiling them with food, treats, and cosy, warm shelter. Rats can dig a home for themselves almost everywhere, even in the walls. The nice, warm, cosy chicken coop that contains food and water attracts the rats as well.

How to Prevent Rats Entering Chicken Coop?

Rats prefer raiding the chicken coop at the night. As we all settle down to sleep, they can eat until their stomach is full without any interruption.

So, the best time to spot or catch rats contaminating food and eating eggs is the night.

Rats raid the chicken coops the most in autumn and fall

Though, they need food in all four seasons; winter, summer, autumn, and spring. They can come any time when food is scarce. Keep proper space in coop and learn How Many Chickens Per Coop?

However, as per the aviculturists, rat attacks are more common and worrisome in autumn and fall.

The rats are more active in autumn and fall because it’s high time to save something for rainy days; winter.

Stay alert where there are chickens there are rats and they are never easy to spot;

Rats get treated badly, they are either poisoned or beaten to death. This rough and tough lifestyle has made them question everything.

Everyone agrees that this little creature is not easy to trap. So, you have to stay alert, notice the chicken feed, and count the number of eggs you collect every day as that’s the only way to know. The rats would hardly be spotted contaminating the food. 

Rats attacks can be discouraged easily

Indeed, rats are not easy to control. However, such attacks can be discouraged by investing in feeders with a lid, replacing the plastic feeders with metallic bins, and removing the feeders and waterers at night.

Moreover, discarding the rubbish far away and setting rat traps would also be discouraging.

In brief, chickens attracting rats is just a myth. Neither chickens are attracted to rats nor rats are attracted to chickens.

The rats are rather attracted to chicken feed and freshwater. They come and raid the chicken coop to eat until their stomach is full.

Rats eat freshly laid eggs as well, the freshly laid eggs can also bring them to the chicken coop as well.

  • Shumaila Ijaz is a Livestock expert and animal breeder. She has her own local farms for breeding and livestock nourishment. She is a research writer and answers the questions of readers.

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