Can Pigs Eat Bacon? 3 Feeding Tips

Bacon comes from pork or pig meat, however, it is debatable whether pigs, themselves, can eat bacon or not. If it’s up to pigs, they will eat almost anything, without investigating whether it is healthy or toxic.

As a pig owner, you need to determine the type of food they can eat and what has no value regarding pig’s nutrition.

With this responsibility, you need to research whether certain food items are healthy for them to eat.

When it comes to feeding bacon, it seems ethical and wrong to offer them their meat. However, it is safe for them to feast on bacon.

Can Pigs Eat Bacon?

Yes, pigs are omnivores so they can eat vegetables, bacon as well as other meat types. Don’t think for a second that they will shy away from eating their own meat. As long as bacon is properly cooked, it is safe for the pigs to eat.

Eating raw pork increases the risk of developing different diseases. Feeding bacon in a moderate amount sparingly will not do any harm to the pig’s health.

Is it Safe For Pigs to Eat Bacon?

Bacon can be eaten as a treat or a small portion of their meal. These omnivorous animals love to eat plant-based food as well as meat.

Feeding raw pork leads to many diseases such as Cholera or Trichinosis due to the presence of viruses and bacteria in uncooked meat.

Cook it first before feeding bacon or other meat cuts to the pigs. No matter what cooking method you prefer, always pass the meat through the heat before feeding it to the pigs.

Feeding raw meat to the pigs can be dangerous as once pigs develop the habits of eating raw meat or acquire the taste for bloody, uncooked pork, they will not shy away from attacking other animals for a piece of meat.

Is Feeding Bacon Illegal?

Depending on where you live, it can be legal or illegal to feed pigs with pork or other meat categories.

Some countries like Australia do not allow pigs to eat scraps or any food items containing meat.

Several regulations prohibit serving pigs any meat products from mammals. In Australia and some other countries, illegal food items include scraps, leftovers, and waste.

In the United States, rules and regulations are somewhat relaxed, therefore, it is okay to feed them meat and scrapes, preferably cooked bacon and meat.

US citizens are allowed to follow some regulations due to the outbreak of pig disease that led to financial crises back in the 50s.

These regulations refrain farmers from feeding garbage or waste including uncooked, rotted, unhealthy, leftover meat.

Some states like Missouri allow people to feed pigs with kitchen scraps from the food items available for their own consumption.

To be on the cautionary side, it is better to feed healthy, fresh, and properly cooked bacon.

Feeding Bacon to Pigs

Pig meat can not be an alternative to the regular diet, therefore, should only be treated as an occasional treat.

Cooked bacon is the best bet for offering a porky treat. However, it does not mean if the bacon is cooked, you can feed them as much as you want.

Bacon is cured pork meat, therefore, quite salty. Salt in a large quantity is not healthy for these animals. Therefore, mix a small portion of bacon in the regular food for the pigs to enjoy.

Pigs like most food items, though they can have preferences, however, they would not turn away strips of bacon and love to feast on them occasionally.

These adorable species are not picky eaters, they would not mind eating the rotten, horrible-looking bacon, meat leftovers, and scraps as well.

It is fun to watch them feasting on bacon but do not overdo it. Kids are renowned for eating their kin and offspring, so, why wouldn’t they find bacon tasty.

However, it is better to keep pork treats minimal, opt for something healthier and high in essential nutrients.

Nutritional Value of Bacon

Responsible pig owners search about the nutritional value of the food item before giving it to the innocent pigs. Bacon is high in proteins, saturated fats, sodium, and a good amount of calories.

It is perfect for pigs lacking calories but should only be given as complementary to the pig diet or an occasional treat. The best food for pigs’ growth and health is their feed that has all the nutrients they need daily.


Bacon can be given to the pigs, however, pork treats should be limited. If it is not cooked properly, avoid giving it to the pigs. Do not give raw, bloody meat as once they have developed a liking for it, they will attack other farm animals to get meat. Instead, serve them important fruits and vegetables packed with nutrients.

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