Can Goats Eat Cans? 4 Common Reasons

It is believed and said that goats can eat everything. Well, whether it’s true or not there might be a reason why it is believed and said so. Unlike the other domestic animals, goats do not solely rely on the typical goat food.

They roam around and eat whatever they find. Maybe that or the said animal eating tin can make us believe goats can eat anything.

Eating fruits, vegetables, grass, and grains make sense. However, a tin can’s case is not at all understandable.

Can Goats Eat Tin Cans?

Can goats eat tin cans? is a widely asked question as it’s hard to believe tin cans can be eaten and digested. For the record, goats can not eat tin cans at all. Eating tin cans is just impossible for goats as for us.

Goats eat tin cans is just a myth

We have got a fair reason to say goats eat tin cans as they are often noticed chewing tin cans.

However, still, that’s not true. It’s just a misunderstanding or myth. We should not debate and promote the idea.

Tin cans are garbage and goats do not eat garbage at all

The goats are quite picky when it comes to food. The experts say that the said animal does not eat garbage at all.

They search for food in the garbage but do not eat garbage. So, the food hunt brings goats to the tin cans.

If they have been eating tin cans, goats might have extinct

Tin cans are made of sharp metal. If the goat passes it down the throat, the sharp metal can cut their stomach and intestines and the goat will die.

If goats have been eating tin cans, the entire population would have been dead by now.

If goats do not eat tin cans, what do they do?

Goats chew tin cans but they do not pass it down their throats. So, if you stay there to see whether the goat eats the entire tin can or not, you would notice them throwing it away.

Paper or cloth can be eaten by the goats but passing a metal down the throat and digesting the tin can is nearly impossible.

Let’s settle the debate, goats chew or lick the tin cans

Goats are pretty intelligent, they know what should be eaten and what should be avoided. The tin can is an inedible item, they lick or can chew but would not eat at all.

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Why Do Goats Chew Tin Cans?

Goats chew tin cans for two major reasons;

  • They chew tin cans for the glue
  • They are naturally curious
  • They are searching for the food inside

Tin cans are non of goat’s concern, it’s the glue and the paper that they find on the tin cans.

They chew tin cans to eat the glue. That’s the only reason goats do not spare a chance of chewing tin cans at all.

Let alone tin cans, goats chew shoes, books, and other inedible items for the same or different purposes. They hardly eat anything that can not be categorized as food.

Goats have a habit of roaming around searching for food; this habit brought goats to the tin can. As soon as they find the tin can empty, they prefer moving to the next target.

Goats can chew tin cans for one other reason as well; that’s curiosity. The said animal is naturally very curious, they can chew tin cans out of curiosity as well. It is observed that they try to figure out what’s inside the tin can.


In brief, goats do not eat tin cans, they usually lick, chew, and throw them away. They lick or chew the tin can because goats are naturally curious, searching for food, or trying to eat the glue.

Goats can not eat tin cans because the sharp metal will cut down the throat, stomach, and intestines. If they are eating tin cans, most of the population would have been dead by now.

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