The 5 Best Jacket For Duck Hunting in 2021

Been planning to do duck hunting this winter break? Well, there would not be an any better idea but going on a duck hunt with your friends. Since you have been considering duck hunting seriously, know that you have to get into a true hunting avatar to return home as a pro hunter. 

The aspiring duck hunter needs a blind bag or backpack, shotgun, non-toxic shells, one dozen decoys, waders, headlamp, headset, game strap, marsh pole, neoprene gloves, and a hunting jacket. As all these duck hunting must-haves can not be reviewed together, we are here to discuss one from the hunting must-have list; hunting jacket. Here are the possible options;

Best Jacket For Duck Hunting Reviews

1. Wildfowler Outfitter Performance Camo Hunting Insulated Parka

Wildfowler was founded by an individual who adopted duck and goose hunting as a life-long passion.

Wildflower Outfitter was founded way back in 1998 to get duck and goose hunters all equipped up for hunting. If duck or geese hunting is your passion, the Wildfowler jacket is the answer. Here’s why;


This Wildfowler’s invention is engineered from high-quality polar fleece. The said fabric is lightweight, durable, flexible, moisture-resistant, and highly breathable.

The only issue this polar fleece has is that it’s not windproof. However, the issue is sorted as this Wildfowler jacket’s outer shell is 100% waterproof. 

To keep this polar fleece jacket useful, avoid ironing, washing at high temperatures, and tumble dry. 

Camo pattern

This forgiving polar fleece jacket is embellished with the most demanded camo pattern. The forgiving camo patterns brought it to the list of our recommendations.

Waterproof, Breathable

The jackets and the clothing you wear for duck hunting must be waterproof.

These aquatic birds are often found in ponds, lakes, and rivers and who knows how far you might be required to go to catch ducks? To keep protecting the duck hunters from all sorts of harsh hunting conditions, the jacket is kept 100% waterproof yet breathable. So, no snowy, windy, or rainy weather can keep the passionate hunter from following his dream; duck hunting. 

Advanced insulation

The high-grade polar fleece is known for its heat-trapping nature. It’s super warm and comfortable to be worn in winters; especially when the temperature falls below – 20F.

Being exceptionally warm in a 100-gram weight, isn’t it incredible? 


Let alone this polar fleece jacket, all Wildfowler accessories are known and admired for their versatility.

How would this invention not be versatile? It can be worn to skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, hunting; especially duck and goose hunting. Moreover, it’s just as useful for sports as it is for hunting. 

Do not let the chilly winds, snowy or rainy weather stop you from following your dreams. Choose from wild tree snow, camo, wild grass, and mossy oak shadow designs and dress for duck hunting and get going.


  • Warm, waterproof, breathable, and super comfortable 
  • Versatile enough to be worn to skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, hunting
  • Available in wild tree snow, camo, wild grass, and mossy oak shadow designs
  • Comes with an elastic drawcord hood and waist
  • Pouch pockets to carry loose items
  • High cut storm collar to protect from snow, rain, and harsh winds
  • Warm enough to protect you when the temperature drops down to – 20F
  • Listed with self-explanatory photos and a detailed sizing chart
  • Do well with all sorts of jeans, pants, and pajamas
  • Digital camo pattern


  • It is not a “modern fit” 
  • Not as good as claimed 

2. Scentblocker Drencher Men’s Lightweight Camo Rain Jacket

Blocker Outdoors has been serving and helping the hunters tirelessly since 1998. It has been constantly striving to be a world-leading designer, manufacturer, marketer, distributor of hunting apparel, equipment, and accessories. This ultra-versatile Scentblocker drencher camo jacket is the living proof of that. Here’s how;


This versatile Scentblocker rain jacket is engineered from soft tricot fabric. The soft brushed tricot fabric is a blend of synthetic fibers; polyester and nylon.

The tricot fabric has three types; cord, atlas, Denby. It is not clearly mentioned which kind of tricot fabric is used.

However, it can be said that the Scentblocker rain jacket is useful for hunting and its true purpose. All kinds of tricot fabrics are soft, breathable, elastic, wrinkle, and crease-resistant. 

Waterproof, lightweight, and breathable

The scent blocker versatile jacket is made to stand against snow, rain, and all other kinds of harsh weather conditions. T

his forgiving invention is light and breathable enough to be worn all day long. Whether you are going hunting, sports, or it’s a busy day at the field, this Scentblocker jacket has got you covered. 

Specifically designed for hardcore hunters

It is designed and engineered keeping all hunter’s requirements in mind. So, it has got all the qualities a hunter looks for.

If you are searching for a good hunter’s jacket to keep you warm and protect you from cold, snow, and rain. There may not be an any better option. 

Zipper storm flap, adjustable hood, and snap closure pockets

As mentioned above, this Scentblocker jacket has got all the qualities of a good rain-proof hunter’s jacket.

The zipper storm flap, adjustable hood, and snap closure pockets are proof of that.

The zipper storm flap allows easy dressing and an adjustable hood protects the wearer from the elements. So, nothing can stop the hunter from carrying on the hunting activities. 


  • Manufactured from a tricot fabric that is soft, breathable, elastic, wrinkle and crease-resistant
  • Lightweight, waterproof, warm, breathable, and durable 
  • Affordable 
  • Designed and manufactured for hardcore hunters 
  • Versatile enough to be worn to all sorts of outdoor activities 
  • protect you from cold, snow, and rain
  • Coming from a well-trusted brand
  • Listed with all necessary details 


  • Good hunter’s jacket but not a great rain wrap
  • Got a few negative reviews 

3. Bassdash Walker Waterproof Hunting Jackets

Bassdash is a famous manufacturer and distributor who takes a great interest in fishing and hunting. Having the same interest, Bassdash knows why exactly experience, functionality, and reliability should come first.

This small company believes in spending wisely and creating big out of the available resources. Each Bassdash product is designed, manufactured, and distributed carefully. 


Just like every other hunting jacket mentioned on this list, this Bassdash is also engineered using a high-quality fabric called a silent outer.

The silent outer fabric makes the Bassdash jacket breathtakingly waterproof, breathable, and durable. As the name suggests, the silent outer is a noiseless fabric that makes it perfect for hunting and fishing. 

Multiple pockets, velcro wrist cuffs

The other jackets on this list might not have as many pockets as this Bassdash has.

The inside zipper pocket, two outside chest zipper pockets, two brushed tricot handwarmer pockets, and the two front spacious pockets, makes it easier for the hunter to carry and organize stuff easily.

The adjustable velcro wrist cuff does not just limit the putting on time but allows us to adjust the cuff to perfection. 

Comfortable, warm, and super windproof

Ever heard of Marilyn Monroe’s famous quote “Give a girl the right shoe, and she can conquer the world”? Well, the same is the case with hunting and fishing. You need to be in a hunter’s avatar fully equipped to be able to do what hunters do.

This Bassdash hunting jacket is designed to serve the hunters spectacularly well. It is comfortable, warm, and super windproof; simply as the hunting jackets should be. 


This thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted noiseless jacket is not made for any specific purpose. Its ultra-forgiving nature makes it super suitable for hunting, wading, and fishing. Besides hunting and fishing, it can also be casually worn with jeans. 


  • Patented dissolve black camouflage design
  • Engineered from noiseless fabric 
  • Have multiple zipper pockets 
  • Waterproof, breathable, durable, and, affordable 
  • Comfortable, warm, and breathtakingly windproof
  • Can be paired with jeans
  • Perfect for hunting, fishing, wading, and other outdoor high-performance activities 
  • Thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted 
  • Has got all the qualities of a good hunting jacket
  • Blends into the environment supernaturally well
  • Two-way adjustable hood
  • Has got sunglasses wipe


  • Does not have inner neoprene wrist cuffs
  • The arms are a bit bulky
  • Unsatisfactory sizing chart

4. Auscamotek Camouflage Hooded Waterproof Rain Coat For Hunting And Fishing

Auscamotek calls itself a professional hunting product seller. The said manufacturer and seller have specialized in outdoor hunting products.

Auscamotek is prized for manufacturing the best camo nets, 3-D leafy suits, face masks, ghillie suits, and pigeon hunting products, and all kinds of hunting bags. 


This all-purpose raincoat plus hunting jacket is made to get the duck or geese hunter equipped up for the action.

It is manufactured and coated with 100% ripstop nylon and polyurethane. Polyurethane possesses high tear, oil, water, and grease resistance and tensile properties.

Whereas nylon is super elastic, resilient, durable, and extremely water and abrasion-resistant. 

All season wear, ultra-lightweight

Unlike the other $200 to $300 hunting jackets that are only useful for winter, this is an all-season solution.

If it has to be used in winters, it should be worn over a warm coat or jacket but if the hunting plan is made in summer, the hunter can pair it up with a tee.

Perfect for both sunshine and rainy season. Moreover, it is lightweight enough to not restrict the performance. 

One size fits all, have space to adjust a backpack

The hunters often struggle with finding the perfect size.

To make this whole process less stressful, it is crafted to fit all men and women perfectly well.

It is roomy enough to adjust a backpack as well. So, the hunters can perform the job impressively. 

Easy to put on and off, large hood

Unlike the other waterproof waterfowl hunting jackets, this version does not make the hunter go through a tiring on and off procedure.

It comes with a large hood that has room to adjust a golf cap or a trucker hat. 


This all-season, all-purpose waterproof coat is versatile enough to be worn to all sorts of high-performance outdoor activities. However, it is more suitable for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. 


  • An all-purpose and all-season waterproof jacket
  • One size fits all, perfect for both men and women 
  • Suitable for hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking
  • Roomy enough to adjust a backpack, a golf cap, and tucker hat
  • Durable, affordable, handy, and super lightweight 
  • Can be worn over a warm jacket and a cap


  • Not warm
  • It May does not suit the hunters that are looking for a warm waterproof jacket
  • May need to buy insulation separately 

5. Scentlok Morphic Hunting Waterproof Jacket 

Scentlok is the most trusted affordable brand that has recently launched a new brand with the name Mark.

Both Scentlok and Mark products are best in terms of quality, performance, and prices.

Scentlok was founded in the USA to serve the hunters with the best hunting apparel, footwear, and other necessary equipment. Since 1992, it has been working tirelessly to produce and bring quality yet innovative products at affordable prices. 


Unfortunately, it is not clearly mentioned which water-proof material is used to construct this masterpiece.

However, whatever the material is, this hunting jacket is just as durable, lightweight, warm, comfortable, and waterproof as the hunting jacket should be.

Since it has got all the qualities of a good hunting jacket, not being told about the material should be an issue. What do you think? 

Scent-absorbing, wind, and waterproof

This Scentlok Morphic hunting waterproof jacket is far more superior to the above-mentioned options.

It’s because of the Scentlok jacket’s forgiving Scent-absorbing nature. It is made to deal with odors, wet days, and winds. 

It is being said that hunting jackets that are not waterproof and handy are simply useless.

The Scentlok understands that this Scentlok morphic hunting jacket being waterproof is the evidence that this brand can be trusted.

Moreover, the outer case and the inner warm vest both keep the wearer protected not just from water but the chilly wind as well. 


This hunting jacket is made to serve every outdoor worker alike. However, if we are required to be more specific it is highly suitable for hunting, fishing, camping, wading, hiking, and other high-performance outdoor activities. 


This forgiving Scentlok morphic hunting jacket is available in four different hunting-friendly patterns; Realtree edge, true timber strata, mossy oak country DNA, and mossy oak terra Gila. All these patterned hunting jackets can be paired with camo hunting pants. 


  • Made for hunting, fishing, camping, and all kinds of outdoor activities 
  • Durable, lightweight, comfortable, and warm
  • Prevents odor buildup
  • Water and windproof 
  • Can be used turned into an all-season jacket 
  • Versatile 
  • Comes with a removable and reversible vest
  • Adjustable cuff and hood
  • Manufactured using durable water repellent fabric 
  • Super breathable 
  • Comes in realtree edge, true timber strata, mossy oak country dna, and mossy oak terra gila


  • Got a few reviews 
  • Repels only light rain and snow

How to Find the Right Hunting Jacket for Duck Hunting?

Finding a hunting jacket that matches your hunting spirits is not as hard as it seems. You have to be careful with the 

  • Material 
  • Sizing 
  • Pockets
  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Budget


The material should be the first thing to catch your attention. The hunting jackets should be comfortable, waterproof, windproof, and warm(if it’s winter). Make sure the fabric used is water and windproof. 


Sizing you should also be your concern as receiving an over and undersized jacket would be a disappointment.

Go through the sizing chart twice, take some professional hunter’s help if you are having a hard time finding your first duck hunting jacket. 


Women and hunters understand the importance of pockets on dresses and jackets.

If hunting activities are about to be carried out in winters, make the hunting jackets at least have two warm hand pockets. If the hunting jacket has got more pockets, it’s a win-win. 


Finding a true pattern that matches the situation can be hard but it’s super important.

The hunting jackets can have Realtree edge, true timber strata, mossy oak country DNA, mossy oak terra Gila, wild tree snow, camo, and wild grass patterns. Finalize the perfect hunting location and choose the pattern accordingly. 


The hunters have to blend in with the environment to bring more animals and birds down. So, when you are considering the pattern, pay undivided attention to the color as well. 


Lastly, you should not be spending lavishly on hunting jackets. The hunting jackets can be brought somewhere between $40 to $300.

So, determine how much you can pay and start looking for options. Do not get disheartened if you haven’t found the jacket of a dream being offered at an affordable price, keep looking you would surely end up finding the right one. 


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