9 Best Incubator For Quail Eggs Reviews (2022)

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Our recent post “Best incubator for duck’s eggs” encouraged us to dedicate an article to Quails as well. Incubating Quail’s eggs is comparatively easier than chicken, ducks, pheasant, or pigeon’s eggs but it still requires a careful purchase.

In this article today, we would be shortlisting the few incubators that work great for the said bird’s eggs. So, let’s not beat about the bush and check our options.

How Can You Find the Right Incubator for Your Quail’s Eggs?

It is often said that incubating quail eggs is much easier as compared to other poultry eggs. Even though the quail eggs are forgiving but we still need to be careful while purchasing the incubator. 

The incubator must have an automatic egg turner feature and a detailed user manual. You also need to be aware of your needs, How many eggs do you need to incubate? If the need is small, go for a mini incubator. 

Temperature and humidity are the two main factors that can improve or decline the hatching rate. Make sure the incubator you are ordering clearly shows the reading and allows adjustments. 

If you can find a multi-purpose incubator, it is certainly going to pay back as that hatching device would be useful for other incubation purposes as well. 

Best Incubator For Quail Eggs Reviews

1. Brinsea Manual Egg Incubator 

This unique Brinsea Egg Incubator made it to my list because of it’s versatility and user-friendly design. Unlike most of the incubators listed online, this Brinsea incubator is manual. It suits the aviculturists who do not want to rely on machines but demands full control over the eggs.

The heavy-duty plastic makes it tougher and easy to clean. The double-skinned, foam-filled base reduces heat loss and consumes less electricity than a regular incubator. The transparent clear top gives a better view to judge whether the inside environment is favorable for the eggs or not.

It can incubate 24 eggs of all sizes which makes it perfect for small and medium-term needs. This Brinsea manual incubator is the most economical and simplest hatching device ever listed on Amazon. The less complicated nature makes it useful for the long haul. It comes with a three-year warranty.

As per the instructions issued by the company, it can only be kept indoors where the temperature does not fall below 63F. In our view, it’s the perfect little hatching device. However, a few existing buyers claim it to be costly as it is not an automatic incubator.


  • Can entertain the eggs of all sizes
  • Gives full control over the eggs
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Gives a better viewing angle 


  • Manual
  • A bit costly 
  • Suits medium-term needs only

2. Farm Innovators Digital Automatic Egg Incubator

Farm Innovators Digital Automatic egg incubator is in Amazon’s choice as “best incubator for quail eggs”. It’s the most promising hatching device from the Farm Innovators Pro Series Digital Incubators. 

This quail egg hatching device has all the important features buyers usually look for; automatic egg turner, Circulating fan, and an egg candler. Egg candler allows you to monitor the egg development, the integrated fan keeps the fresh air circulation intact, whereas the automatic egg turner eliminates the need to turn eggs manually. 

It is not just made to stabilize temperature, humidity, but to improve the hatching rate as well. Digital display allows you to monitor humidity and temperature with ease. It also lets you know how soon the eggs are hatching. 

It’s great for hobbyists but not that promising for professional use. It can serve up to 41 eggs of all possible sizes. Besides quail, it can be used to incubate chicken and duck eggs as well. 


  • Well-known tried, tested, and positively reviewed 
  • Made to cater to bigger needs
  • Comes with integrated fan, egg candler, automatic egg turner feature 
  • Improves hatching rate
  • Displays temperature and humidity 
  • Allows you to adjust temperature and humidity with ease
  • Automatic
  • Specifically made for quail eggs


  • Expensive 

3. Little Giant Digital Circulated Air Incubator 

We all have been aware of “Little Giant” contributions to make animal and bird’s world a better place. It has been serving us with quality products for years. Animal enthusiasts and aviculturists look up to the products in the time of need. 

This still-air incubator is equipped with a digital control board, hygrometer, LED display, and lights.  The digital board allows you to adjust the temperature, hygrometer helps you in monitoring humidity, LED display and LED lights makes you judge the internal environment with ease. 

This little hatching device can entertain 120 quail eggs at a time, which is much greater than the incubators recommended above. Above all, it’s 100% safe for humans and these tiny birds. 

Despite all the desired features, the buyers have faced issues with temperature and humidity. And as per a review, the older version was better. It works well only with the additional automatic turner. 


  • Well trusted brand
  • Safe to use
  • Has all desired features 
  • Allows to monitor and adjusted temperature and humidity 
  • Remarkable egg hatching capacity 
  • Affordable 


  • Requires automatic egg turner 
  • Got several negative reviews 

4. Brinsea Maxi II Advance Automatic Egg Incubator 

If you have to search for the smallest automatic egg incubator to meet your habitual needs then this Brinsea Maxi II Advance Automatic Egg Incubator is the right choice. It can serve up to 14 quail eggs at a time.

It might be small but it has got all the amazing features the aviculturist’s usually look for. This high-quality egg incubator offer superior visibility, which makes it equally suitable for beginners and advanced aviculturists. 

The supernatural high hatch rate brought this and the above-mentioned Brinsea egg incubator to our recommendation list. This incubator is an outcome of 40 years of hard work, creative thinking, and constant experiments.

This hatching device comes with a hatching mat, water pot guard, glass thermometer, temperature adjusting screwdriver, and a power supply unit. Fully digital menu-driven controls, programable automatic egg turning, and robust hygienic ABS plastic construction makes it nearly matchable. 


  • comes with a hatching mat, water pot guard, glass thermometer, temperature adjusting screwdriver, and a power supply unit
  • Fully digital menu-driven controls
  • programable automatic egg turning
  • Offer better view 
  • Improved design
  • Affordable 


  • Suitable for smaller needs only

5. Apofly Mini Incubator 

This 24cm/9. 45in wide 8cm/3.15in long mini incubator is designed and engineered to cater smaller needs. This mini incubator can be used to incubate chicken, ducks, geese, quail, and other poultry eggs. 

This Apofly mini incubator is designed to improve the hatch rate. The company instructs the buyers to use fertilized eggs, deformed and cracked eggs can not be used. The manual incubator gives aviculturists full control over the eggs. 

The two main reasons why aviculturists turn their faces from Apofly mini incubator are; it’s manual and it’s way too small for professional needs. Other than the said issues, this mini incubator is perfect for those who want full control and have small needs. 


  • Made to incubate chicken, ducks, geese, quail, and other poultry eggs
  • Gives fully control
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Affordable 
  • Suits the habitual users well
  • Improves hatching rate


  • A general incubator 
  • Incubate only 9 eggs
  • Manual

5. Izzya Digital Clear Egg Incubator/Poultry Hatcher 

This multi-purpose Izzya Digital Incubator is manufactured to hatch chicken, Quail, Duck, Geese, Pheasant, and Turkey eggs. This Izzy Digital Incubator comes with a piece of detailed information and instructions. 

As per the company’s claim, it takes 21 days to incubate chicken eggs, 28 for ducks, 16 to 23 for Quails, and 23 to 27 for pheasant’s. It can incubate around 48 eggs at a time. The automatic egg turner feature turns the egg every two hours. 

The digital display shows humidity, incubation days, and temperature. The temperature and humidity can be monitored and adjusted easily. The ultra-durable plastic does not just make it nearly indestructible but also allows easy cleaning. 

It makes less noise than most of the incubators listed online. Besides the typical use, it can also be used in science popularization, laboratory experiments, special poultry breeding, and other educational purposes. 


  • Comes with detailed information and instructions 
  • Can be used to hatch chicken, Quail, Duck, Geese, Pheasant, and Turkey eggs
  • Not noisy at all
  • Can entertain up to 48 eggs
  • Turns eggs every two hours 
  • Can be used for educational purposes as well


  • None

6. GJCrafts Automatic Poultry Hatching Machine/Egg Incubator 

This GJ Crafts all-in-one automatic poultry hatching machine is designed to incubate chicken, geese, duck, and quail eggs. This multi-purpose incubator allows the shaft to be adjusted according to the requirement; smaller pitch for quail, medium for pigeon, and large for goose eggs. 

The innovative eight-channel ventilation system keeps the temperature and humidity even throughout the incubation period. Built-in candles, adjustable shaft, and digital LED display are the most promising features of this GJ incubator. 

All-round turner rotation heats the eggs evenly that in turn helps in improving the hatching rate. The sink in the bottom and the integrated fan keep a sharp check on temperature and humidity. It serves for both hatching and shelling. 

It can incubate 16 chicken eggs, 8 goose, 16 quail, and 28 pigeon eggs. This company delivers unmatchable after-sale service. The company responds and resolves the after-sale issues within 24 hours. If the buyers are not satisfied, the hatching machine can be replaced. 


  • The bottom sink and integrated fan regulates temperature and humidity 
  • Incubate chicken, ducks, quail, goose, and pigeon eggs
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Suitable for hatching and shelling 
  • Offers replacement and refund 
  • Excellent after-sales service 


  • Not a specific quail egg

7. ZDJU 56-200 Eggs Fully Automatic Egg Incubator 

The ZDJU is known for manufacturing and serving professional-grade equipment. This automatic incubator can be used for both incubation and holding period. Unlike other incubators, it uses one-button intelligence to perform all functions including egg turning, controlling temperature, and humidity. 

The transparent plastic helps you in developing a better understanding as it allows you to observe the entire incubation process with ease. The dual-power feature makes it safer and highly recommendable. 

Like all incubators out there, it also requires fertilized eggs. It can entertain almost all kinds of poultry eggs including chicken, ducks, geese, pigeons, parrots, and Quail. 

It contains a cover host, a rolled egg tray, a hatching area, and a sink enclosure. The only issue we have found is that it has got no reviews. So, it would be no less than a blind purchase. 


  • Professional Incubator 
  • Serves up to 200 eggs
  • Can be used for all kinds of poultry eggs
  • One button intelligence
  • Cater bigger needs


  • A bit expensive 

8. ZJDU Professional Cabinet Automatic Incubator 

This Professional cabinet incubator is another of ZJDU’s greatest inventions that have been serving across the globe. As this ZJDU is the biggest incubator ever listed on Amazon, it can entertain 882 duck eggs, 448 goose eggs, 1568 pigeons, whereas, 3094 quail eggs with ease. 

It ensures maximum hatching rate, when the main system fails in between the incubation process the voice control allows you to monitor and control the egg hatching process. The auto-filling function reduces labor work as you only have to turn on the tap to supply the freshwater. 

The uniform egg turning speed improves the chances of hatching to a noticeable extent. The temperature regulating fan keeps the temperature favorable for the egg incubation. As per the company’s claim, it turns eggs every ninety minutes. 

This simple yet effective device can be used for both hatching and brooding. The transparent front allows you to judge the incubation and brooding process. 


  • Professional grade
  • Can be bought and used for bigger need
  • Can serve up to 3094 quail eggs
  • Quite economical for the size 


  • Can only be used professionally 

9. COUYY Small Incubator 

COUYY incubator is the tiniest hatching device that can be used for incubation, brooding, and hatchling. This least-known incubator can incubate almost all kinds of poultry eggs including chicken, duck, goose, quail, pigeon, and pheasant. 

Surprisingly, this mini incubator has got all the features the buyers usually look for. It contains a fan to regulate temperature and a build-in water channel to achieve the desired humidity. 

It minimizes the need to open an incubator that in turn helps in achieving an impressive hatching rate. Like all mini incubators, the automatic egg turner feature turns eggs every 2 hours. The build candle gives you a chance to examine the egg growth. 

Better visual display and all other promising features make it a great hatching device. For spectacular results, it is suggested to set the humidity to 50% to 60% days before incubation. 


  • Perfect for small needs
  • Contains all desired features 
  • Can incubate chicken, duck, goose, quail, pigeon, and pheasant eggs
  • Offers better visibility 
  • Comes with detailed instructions 


  • Can incubate only nine eggs

My recommendation

As revealing our top pick has now become a tradition so, we found Farm Innovators Digital Automatic Egg Incubator perfect for the job. It is specifically made for Quail’s eggs. This Farm Innovators egg incubator is inexpensive, handy, durable, and much easier to manage than any other incubators recommended here.

I would like to suggest here, please go through the product description twice, double-check if it suits your needs or not. Do not make a hasty decision, take your time, research a little more, and order what suits well to your needs. Good luck.


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