The 7 Best Choke For Turkey Hunting in 2022

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so, all the hunters are gearing up for a turkey hunting trip.

Though spotting and hunting turkey seems fun, it is quite hectic and takes a lot of effort.

With the right accessories and relevant choke tube, the hunting trip would be a lot easier and memorable.

Professional and seasoned hunters use choke tubes with turkey shotguns to get better accuracy and extend effective range.

With the best choke for turkey hunting, you will not miss targets or get inconsistent pattern density.

Best turkey chokes send many pellets downrange to hit the neck and head of the turkeys.

These choke shot tubes can also be used to hunt waterfowl birds. In the early days, not many choices were available for choke tubes.

However, now choke-producing brands have come forward with many new designs and types which often confuses the new hunters.

Have a look at some of the top-performing chokes for Turkey hunting to make your next hunting trip a success.

Best Choke For Turkey Hunting Reviews

1. Carlson’s Long Beard Ported Turkey Winchester

Carlson is one of the top choke-producing companies so it is only right to begin our list for best turkey hunting chokes with one product from it.

You will get greater success in hunting ducks and turkeys with the XR choke.

The effectiveness of the shot is enhanced quite significantly.

It is specifically designed for shooting with Winchester’s New Long Beard Turkey loads.

Triple Shot Mechanism – Pellet deformation is reduced by the triple shot technology. The stable turkey will likely take down a turkey in one shot.

With a tightened shot string, the pellet covers great distances with fewer flyers.

Shot-Lok Technology – It is helpful when chasing turkeys in the woods as it helps to shoot the long-range target.

It has the tightest pattern and the shot stays tightened for 40 to 50 yards

Pattern – The choker features a 25% longer parallel section for throwing tighter and denser patterns downrange.

The round pattern is suitable for taking down waterfowl by keeping the pellets at an equal distance.

Durability – Made from 17-4 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and good strength.


  • Supports led, copper, and heavy shot ammunition
  • 0.660 constriction
  • Fits Winchester shotgun models
  • Backed up by lifetime warranty for defects and damages


  • Not compatible with steel shot
  • Does not fit all Winchester shotguns

2. TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Xtreme Shotgun Choke Tube

Gobble-Stopper is one of the best-selling choke tubes of TRUGLO used for hunting turkeys.

It comes in 12 gauge and 20 gauge for several popular shotgun brands such as Remington, Mossberg, Winchester, Beretta, Benelli, and Browning.

Besides being the best Turkey choke for Benelli, it is suitable for waterfowl hunting.

Shot Pattern – It delivers dense patterns within 30 yards distance without any deformation.

It ensures the headshot of the turkey and covers pretty much all the neck area.

Durability – Manufactured from precision CNC machined high-grade steel to make it strong, durable, and usable for years.

Threads are shaped out well, so, do not wear out quickly.

Free Sights – It includes gobble-dot universal fiber optic sights to light up better and make indexing the target more accurate. They can be easily mounted to any ventilated rib shotgun.

Versatile – It supports most turkey loads including HeviShot, lead, bismuth, tin, zinc, and many other pellets. However, it is not compatible with steel material shots.


  • Suitable for Benelli Crio shotguns
  • Endorsed and approved by National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF)
  • Includes free fiber optics sight
  • Reduces kickback impact
  • Improves pattern by 20%


  • Sights adhesives do not adhere well

3. Browning Midas Grade 12 Gauge Choke

Most hunters are aware of the Browning chokes and shotgun models and their high-quality construction.

Browning Midas choke has improved construction with superior quality materials. It is recommended for turkey hunting as well as skeet.

The high-grade choke is a safer and more reliable option than the cheaper ones.

Shot Pattern – This Improved Cylindrical choke produces high-quality shot patterns covering medium distance.

The long taper increases speed and reduces droop of pellets within 30 to 40 yards. It keeps the shot tight and delivers up to 75-85% accuracy.

Knurled End – Knurled end provides convenient grip and easy installation and removal.

There is no need for the additional tools as they can be easily adjusted with the shotgun.

RMS Finish – With time, you will observe pits and scratches in the bore which affects the shot accuracy. The RMS Finish provides clean ends and reduces plastic build-up.

Construction – The high-end choke is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and to withstand harsh climate. Deep threads work perfectly for years.


  • Black oxide coating for extra strength
  • Laser-etched gold accent band
  • 0.7″ extended beyond the muzzle


  • Get discolored quickly

4. MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Turkey 12 Gauge Choke Tube

MOJO in partnership with Rob Roberts has manufactured this choke tube for turkey hunting.

It is designed with the best shotgun pattern to get the highest potential and greater success.

It will help you to get quicker and cleaner waterfowl kills.

This custom choke tube is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Besides turkeys, it is recommended for hunting ducks, rabbits, and doves.

Pattern – It has a dense pattern and a more uniform pattern at different shotgun ranges with consistent points of impact.

The shot stays tightened for up to 40 yards to get the maximum accuracy.

Build – The choke tube is made of 17-4ph stainless steel that is a killer combination of high strength, good corrosion resistance, and toughness.

Convenient Grip – Built with a convenient grip as the choke tube has patterned small boxes making it easier to install and remove without any tools.

Compatibility – It can be used with steel, lead, and heavy non-toxic loads, and ammunition. Moreover, it supports the different sizes of shots from no#2 to no#BB and #000.


  • Designed with computerized pattern analysis
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-ported tubes
  • Can be fixed and removed using hands


  • The non-ported design puts more pressure on the shoulder after recoiling

5. Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube

If you want a long-range turkey choke tube for your shotgun, this should be it. It is specifically crafted to increase the range and pattern density of a shotgun.

It has all the incorporated features you need for the long-range turkey kill. It is better suited for hunting turkeys, ducks, waterfowl, and clay shooting.

Pattern – Get clean and quick shots with 20% patterned within 30-35 yards. Pellets deform a little after 40 yards. It delivers uniform or same-sized patterns within 35 yards.

Range – The extended design increases the effective range of the shotgun. Pellets travel horizontally and it is easier to kill a turkey from 45 yards away.

Reduced Kickback Impact – It provides more firmness, reduces kickback impact, and ultimately minimizes the chance of missed shots.

Construction – Crafted from Chrome Alloy Steel, the choke is corrosion-resistant and withstands high temperatures.


  • Polymer-based coating for extreme protection
  • Fluted ports
  • Fewer flyers
  • Extended tapper for increased velocity


  • Not fit for close-range shots

6. Hunters 06712 Undertaker XT Tube

This Deluxe ported 12ga choke tube is perfect for shooting faster follow-up shots on target.

It is an investor choke that works smoothly with the Winchester 1200, 1300, 1400 & Ranger, Mossberg 500, 335, Maverick, or Browning Invector shotgun model. The Undertaker XT tube is lightweight, affordable, and easy to carry.

Pattern – This field-tested choke provides 90% accuracy within the 40-yard distance. The round and clear pattern takes down a turkey without wasting many shots.

Knurled End – Knurling provides a better grip on the choke, you do not require a wrench or any other tool to tighten or remove it. Knurled ends allow you to adjust it using your hands.

Material – The choke tube is manufactured from 41l42 chrome-moly alloy which ensures sturdiness as well as heat and corrosion resistance. Heat-treated alloy gives it a long service lifespan.

Shot Types – Though it is recommended for shot sizes, 4, 5, and 6, it works with almost all shot types and sizes. It works smoothly with lead and copper-plated shots.


  • Supports 2 3/4″, 3″ and 3 1/2″ 12 ga shotguns
  • Deluxe ported
  • Allows rapid-fire by reducing muzzle flip
  • Only weigh 2.47 Ounces
  • Affordable


  • Not good for steel shots

7. Truglo TG182X Head Banger Choke Tube

We are concluding our list with a Head Banger Choke Tube from TRUGLO.

This long-range turkey choke extends the effective range and delivers lethal shot patterns for longer distances. You can drop down several turkeys with the precise design.

Multi-Phase Groove Technology – Multi-phase groove technology ensures extended effective range and consistent patterns over long distances. The short cup guides the pellet to a tight pattern, shot after shot.

Shot Pattern – The choke generates tighter and denser patterns with different types of choke. The consistent patterns reach out farther to score a kill.

Material – The choke is specifically crafted from heat-treated steel for durability and better performance with powerful turkey loads. It is CNC machined for optimal precision.

Compatibility – It supports HEVISHOT, Winchester, Long Beard XR, Federal Premium 3rd Degree, and other high-performance turkey loads.

It also fits Winchester 1200/1300/1400, Browning invector Series, Charles Daly O/U, H&R (excluding excell automatics), Ithaca, Maverick arms 88, Mossberg 500/535/9200.


  • Polished ends for extra power and better seating and sealing
  • Supports the majority of heavy turkey shots
  • Knurled ends design for easy installation and removal


  • Not fit for light turkey loads
  • Does not do well for short ranges

Things to Consider When buying Turkey Choke

Dozens of choke types are available in the market that can be used to take down turkeys.

Whether hunting turkeys in the meadows, open fields, canyons, or dense woods, having a particular choke tube will help increase the hunt success rate.

Having said that, it is also one of the hectic tasks to get the right choke for the job. Since most hunters end up purchasing the wrong one, here’s what you should consider when buying a choke.

Choke Type

Different Choke types can be used for different hunting styles. It makes a world of difference when you have the right choke type for hunting turkeys.

You will get several kills in a short time with the right pick. Full and Extra Full chokes are better suited for turkey hunting as they provide tighter patterns for long distances.


The high-quality material makes the choke more durable and stable. A durable choke would experience less deformation.

Mostly, choke tubes are crafted from heat-treated stainless steel but the durability depends on the grade of steel used.

Ported Design

Ported design counterbalances the recoil force, so, the gun user does not get distracted by the muzzle jumps.

Installing chokes can be a hectic task for the hunter, however, the knurled end design allows easier installation and removal without the need for any external hardware device.


There are several types of chokes based on different constrictions; Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified Cylinder, Full, and Extra Full Chokes.

Constriction size impacts the shot patterns, with less constriction, you will get wide-open patterns whereas higher constriction offers denser patterns for longer ranges.


Choke tubes are designed to have narrow or wide patterns. Wide patterns work best for shorter ranges whereas denser patterns are recommended for long-range hunting.


All hunters need the right accessory without breaking the bank. Set aside a budget and look for a choke tube that falls within the particular limit.

Higher price does not always equate to quality. The right choke can be purchased at a reasonable price.


Now that you know quality choke tubes from different manufacturers have different features, it would be easier for you to pick the right accessory for your next hunting trip. You will lose more money in return for a bad choice. A hunter will get more kills without any difficulty with the right choke.


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