The 8 Best Camo For Turkey Hunting in 2022

The chances of bagging more turkeys increase dramatically when you have the right gear and the clothes.

Before the gobbler hunting season kicks off, you need to invest in some quality camo clothes set to make the most out of the next excursion.

The main objective of camo is head-to-toe concealment and blending in with the natural environments.

Just like everything, the turkey hunting clothes also need an upgrade from time to time.

It is not always about the skills, many seasoned hunters know the value of the right hunting gear.

From clothing to choke, everything should be in place before chasing big gobblers.

Start with getting the right camo suit set, not sure which one to buy? Rest easy as we have brought some of the best options available in the market right now.

Best Camo For Turkey Hunting Reviews

1. NEW VIEW Camo Hunting Clothes

These New View hunting clothes come as a suit including pants and a jacket. The suit is designed with camo tree color and pattern depicting nature and vegetation so that the gobbler would not recognize you while you do your job.

This suit ensures effective concealment, all the hunter needs to do is remain silent and cautious.

The wearer does not have to worry about the natural environment and bad weather because of the high-quality build.

Fabric – The material of this hunting clothing set is upgraded to be the new generation patented ultra-quiet fabric that effectively reduces noise and would not rustle loudly.

This super silent fabric makes sure the wearer goes unnoticed while hunting.

Waterproof – The high-quality material of jackets and pants features a DWR (durable water repellent) finish on the outside to resist water and moisture keeping you dry in light rain.

11 Pockets – This suit set has 11 strategically placed pockets; two lower hands warmer pockets, two upper sleeve pockets, one split kangaroo pocket, and two zippered pockets whereas the pants have four additional pockets.

Hunting Activities – This camouflage clothing is perfect for hunting deer, wild turkey, elk, bear, squirrels, rabbits, hares, and more.


  • Detachable hood
  • Adjustable elastic waist from 0.5 to 3 inches
  • Soft warm lining
  • One-way zipper to reduce noise
  • Upgraded zipper compartments
  • Camouflage pattern blend to the nature well


  • A bit bulkier
  • Velcro at sleeve ends makes it a bit noisy for hunting

2. Upgrade Ghillie Suit Outdoor 3D Camo Hunting Clothes

This hunting suit is so lifelike that you will go undetected scoring many kills.

It is designed with leaves so that the suit fits the natural environment and conceals the hunter’s presence effectively.

3D leaves create a natural camo pattern so the wearer matches the background. The set is lightweight, made of high-quality fabric, and easy to wash and dry.

Material – This hunting suit set is made from lightweight and easy to wash synthetic polyester.

This quick-drying material makes it an ideal choice for hunting, airsoft, paintball, and other outdoor activities.

Leafy Design – Durable synthetic polyester is designed with 3D woodland leaves so the wearer quickly blends in with the surrounding environment.

Double-stitched, full-cut leaves do not get caught in the zipper.

Zipper – Zip closure jacket ensures quick and convenient on or off. Adjustable elastic waist and durable drawstring easily adjust to the comfortable size for both men and women.

Application – The natural camouflage pattern makes it suitable for hunting, shooting, wildfowl, stalking, paintball, surveillance, wildlife photography, bird watching, and other outdoor activities.


  • Equipped with four elastic bands on hand and feet
  • 3D leaves and camo color
  • Nylon rope in the hat for adjustability and better hide
  • Light-weighted, weighing only 0.95 pounds


  • No pockets
  • Thin fabric

3. Favuit Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camo Poncho

This poncho offers true invisibility with a natural camo pattern to enhance your hunting experience.

The long poncho provides better hides and can be easily put on and taken off.

Hooded camo poncho with 3D leaves design offers invisible performance adding a whole new element to the turkey hunting trip.

It is a lightweight yet durable cloak and can be layered over light or heavy clothing.

Material – The poncho is made from easily washable and quick-drying polyester material with a mesh fabric lining for optimal breathability and comfort.

This cape is destined to be soft, durable, lightweight, and breathable for improved airflow and comfort.

Camouflage – With realistic camouflage, it makes the wearer invisible in forests and green environments.

With deeper and dynamic camouflage, coverage, and density, you will go unnoticed when approaching the target.

Design – The poncho hat has a tightening drawstring for easy adjustability, neckline with button, and snap closure. Instead of fiddling with the zippers, you can easily crawl across the forest.

Multi-Purpose – The 3D woodland camouflage leafy design makes you invisible in the woods. It makes many outdoor activities easy like Hunting, Shooting, Wildfowling, Stalking, Paintball, Airsoft, CS Games, and more.


  • Detailed deep leaf cuts
  • Durable, lightweight mesh fabric
  • Soft, large dynamic leaves
  • Can be worn on other clothing
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Wide application


  • Leaves begin to fall off after minimal use

4. TIDEWE Hunting Clothes for Men with Fleece Lining

This professional hunting design is better suited for your next turkey hunting trip.

This suit set is brought by many turkey hunters is Amazon’s Choice for Men’s Hiking & Outdoor Recreation.

It has many useful features that come in handy when hunting gobblers in the wild. These hunting clothes are strategically designed to make you invisible.

It is made water-resistant, durable, lightweight, and warm. Not just turkeys, it is better suited for elk, bear, squirrels, hares, quail, ptarmigan, ducks, doves, geese, and more.

Material – With ultra-quiet material and the addition of magnet buckles within the clothing, this set has effectively reduced noise allowing you to remain stealthy and unnoticed while hunting.

9 Pockets Design – It features 9 strategically placed pockets, four of them in the jacket while the pants are equipped with five pockets.

These pockets are large enough to accommodate your hands and gear or accessories. Put your hand in and you would not be needing any gloves.

Waterproof – The water-resistant and breathable exterior resists moisture keeping the wearer dry in light rain and snow. The jacket will repel splashes and sprinkles quite efficiently.

User-Friendly – This hunting clothing set is windproof and water-resistant. It features multiple adjustable components like hood, cuff, and hem to customize fitting. The integrated anti-slip waist strip offers a nice tight fit.


  • Inner fleece lining
  • Safety strap supporting design
  • Magnetic buckle pocket
  • Waterproof oxford fabric
  • Adjustable wristband
  • Realistic camo design


  • Not true to size
  • Stitching may fall apart

5. Browning Men’s Wicked Wing High Pile Hunting Jacket

Browning is a reliable brand when it comes to hunting accessories. It is perfect for turkey hunting in the fall or early winter as the jacket has an internal fleece lining.

You can sustain the cold temperatures while waiting in the woods for the turkeys to make an appearance. Warm, comfortable high-pile fleece provides the warmth you need this fall.

Fleece – It is crafted from warm fleece to make it a nice option for winter. The material and inner fleece provide enough warmth to make sure you do not lose your target because of the cold.

Water-Resistant – The material is waterproof, so, you can hunt without worrying about different environmental situations.

Camouflage – If you do not want to make a scene, the camouflage pattern will effectively conceal your presence.

The printed design depicts shadow grass blades that blend in nicely making you disappear into the surrounding.

Pockets – It has some upper pockets with fleece finishing. The two other lower zipper pockets keep the hands warm in the cold temperature eliminating the need for gloves.


  • Features internal storm flap and chin guard
  • Equipped with snap-closure lanyard tab
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Grass blades camo pattern
  • Warm, lightweight, and durable


  • Overpriced
  • Does not include pants

6. YEVHEV Hunting Gear Suit for Men

This professional hunting gear suit keeps you comfortably hidden in the woods. When you approach Turkeys, the super silent fabric makes no noise even when rubbed against something.

The suit set is thick, warm, soft, lightweight, and comfy, so, the wearer is provided with optimal comfort while hunting.

Material – The nice quality hunting hoodie is made from high-grade material perfect for comfort and weather protection. The durable outer covering makes it weather resistant.

Ventilation Zippers – There are ventilation zippers and compartments all over the jacket. These ventilation zippers come in handy when the wearer gets too hot or wet and the wearer needs to dry off.

Waterproof – The DWR (durable water repellent) finish will prevent the suit from absorbing water if you get caught in the light rain or rain. However, it can not be used as a raincoat as it is not completely waterproof.

Adjustable Fitting – The sleeves and wrists have an adjustable velcro strap to adjust fitting. Hood also offers a customized fit compatible with the size.


  • Super silent fabric
  • Dry compartment storage in the back
  • Pull-strings adjustments and side pockets
  • Zipper under the armpit for ventilation
  • Several pockets on the pants


  • Sizing is off
  • Not so warm

7. HOT SHOT Men’s Elite Camo Hunting Bib

Though this seems an unusual choice for hunting clothing, however, this camo bib has helped many hunters aim right by disappearing into nature and using it to their advantage.

It can also come in handy while hunting turkeys or waterfowl. The bib is better suited for many outdoor activities and perfectly compliments the hunting jacket.

Waterproof – It is 100% waterproof and windproof while still being breathable. The insulated bib is seam-sealed to prevent leakage or letting the water in.

Insulated – With 120 grams of insulation, the bib keeps you warm while chasing turkeys during the cold temperatures. The reinforced knee layers offer extra protection and comfort when kneeling.

Ultra-Quiet – The unique design is made for all-day use allowing ultra-quiet movements. The suit does not make a sound to attract attention.

Camo – The bib has a camo pattern with realistic elements to erase you from the sight of gobblers. The DNA camo matches the surroundings of forests or other hunting areas.


  • Easier get on and off with zippers on the front and along the legs
  • Adjustable shoulder harness system for customized fitting
  • Two zip-up handwarmer pockets
  • Two back pockets for storage


  • Buttons break off easily

8. North Mountain Gear Woodland Camo Ghillie Suit

This is the 2.0 version of the Ghillie suit mentioned above, it is designed to have more coverage and density.

The upgrades make it stand out from the rest, the new design has more leaves and you quickly disappear the moment you step into the woods.

Material – The upgraded hunting suit is made from a durable non snagging polyester shell designed with 1000 3D detailed laser cut leaves.

Jacket – The jacket features a quiet full front zipper and two large deep pockets. It is fit for all-year use and the wearer can wear heavy base layers along with it.

Pants – The knee-length zipper makes sure the wearer gets ready quickly and conveniently. Pants also feature deep front waist pockets and a forgiving elastic waistband with a drawstring.

3D – With a three-dimensional illusion, eliminate the human outline and disappear into the natural environment.


  • 2x more leafy material than other standard leafy camo suits
  • The realistic, 3D leafy design
  • Multiple zippered pockets


  • Subpar material and stitching

What To Consider When Buying Camo Clothes?

Camo clothes are manufactured by different brands having different materials, features, levels of skills, and innovation.

With so many camo clothing sets available in the market, you need to make sure you are investing your money in the best one.

Here are some features you should consider when buying camo clothes.


Obviously, camo patterns come first when buying camo clothes. Get acquainted with the hunting area and choose the camouflage pattern accordingly.

If the area has long grass or too many trees, choose a clothing set that blends with the environment nicely.

Weather And Water Resistant

Check the camo clothes’ adaptability to water and weather. It would be ideal to buy an option suitable for extreme weather conditions and normal circumstances alike.

Make sure that the clothes are windproof and water repellent to handle the slight rain shower well.


Comfort should be the top priority when choosing camo clothes. During hot weather, zipper designs with improved airflow come in handy to help you maintain your run without feeling exhausted.


Hunting clothes should not weigh you down as you will be hunting for long hours, choose clothes made from lighter materials. The weight of hunting accessories is enough, wearing bulkier clothes will add to the burden.


Buy clothes with stretchable material, expandable waist, and customizable fitting. Pants with an elastic waistband and a drawstring let you adjust fitting as per the size.


Even though the market is filled with endless options, still, you have to consider different factors like concealment, fitting, material, and durability to get the best out of all. Good luck finding the right camo!

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