Farm Desire Advanced Farming hub, Team behind the site is a group of Agrarians and Livestock Experts. Farm Desire is a random name that covers farming-related issues and brings new ideas and innovation to modern farming.

This blog everything about farm animals including their life cycle, feeding habits, and farming basic guides. Farm Desire is a free resource where you can ask about your farming-related.

Our Team

We have research writers, developers, and SEO experts in our team. Here are some team members of Farm desire.

Araceli Diamond

Shumaila Ejaz is a Livestock expert and animal breeder. She has her own local farms for breeding and livestock nourishment. She is a research writer and answers the questions of readers. Her Research papers and field data are part of science direct and Phys org.

R Robinson

Usman Aslam has done his degree in Agronomy and Animal breeding from the CAU (China Agriculture University). He is serving as a livestock expert in local farms. Robinson is an animal writer on-farm desire. You can read his research material as an author on-farm desire and Research gate.

Talon Juper

Talon Juper is an outreach and on-page, SEO expert. He has a Master in Agriculture in terms of education. His research work and few publications make him relevant to Farm’s desire. Talon Juper was featured as the best local farmer in 2020.

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